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The World Day of Prayer

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The world will witness a powerful phenomenon as the annual World Day of Prayer sweeps across the Christian world on Friday, March 3. A tidal wave of prayer that follows the day as the sun travels westwards across the sky.


This year it is the turn of Dunoon Baptist Church to act as host congregation. Everyone is cordially invited to attend the service at 2.15pm to join in with the prayers and the singing and to listen to the address. People from most of our town’s denominations will be taking part in the service, which is an excellent example of churches working happily together.

The purpose is to pray for the countries of the developing world, offering them spiritual support and praying for the peace and stability of - in this case - the Philippines, that its leaders and people may acknowledge God’s wisdom in His creation, recognising that we are all in a relationship with God and He with us.


The format of the service is followed in every land from Tonga to Alaska, and is put together by Christian women of the selected country; the Philippines being the focus of this year’s attention.



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