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Sandbank residents are  unhappy with the height of infilled land at the Holy Loch Marina which, they say, has disrupted views of the sea for some 30 families.

However, owner Matt Downs has now applied  to Argyll and Bute Council, in a part-retrospective application, to increase the height of part of the infilled area even more.



The application was submitted on Thursday last week, November 19, by Seavision, the company that owns the Holy Loch Marina.

Matt Downs explained: “The original application in 2005 was to build up the level to four metres, but during the application process we were told by Argyll and Bute Council that the height would need to be 5.2 metres because of future global warming.

“The current application is to increase this to 6.2 metres along the centre line of the area to allow the drainage of surface water to run off naturally rather than to put drains in everywhere.

“It covers an area between the rear of Miller Cottages up to Robertson’s Yard.”

Chairman of Sandbank Community Development Trust, Peter Galliard, told the Standard: “Several residents have complained to the planning department as the level is a couple of metres higher than it should have been. There’s a lot of local dissatisfaction with the marina. Everyone is of the same opinion. You can’t see the sea because of the infill.”

The infilled area runs along the A815 shore road in Sandbank and the owners have embarked on a programme of landscaping to enhance the outlook.


+1 #2 Bob 2015-11-29 17:20
Thomas: Control of the foreshore has been devolved to council control from the Crown Estate.
+2 #1 Thomas Hoy 2015-11-27 13:27
It has always amazed me how they managed to get permission
in the first place I have always been under the the impression
that the foreshore belonged to the crown.
when I come home to visit it angers me that this eyesore that
resembles a tip,any landscaping should have been done from
the very start.As for building it higher b#ll#cks ! that would
only lead to flooding of the only road into Dunoon but there you are thats A&B council -shortsighted : .

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